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Computer Training Since 1993
"One of the MOST EFFECTIVE training tools out on the market today, BAR NONE!!!!!! (and at an affordable price)".
Robert McClain Kansas City, KS "Just a quick mail regarding the tutorial........ Excellent! Just the right level and speed I need, absolutely perfect. Far better than reading 10,000 words before you even get to the exercises"
Kevin Baldwin, London "AWESOME Access 2010 training! Even *this* old CEO can understand it! My programmers are amazed that even I can assimilate it!"
Graham Kelly CEO, www.GoldNowBanc.com, Australia "Your Products are the best example of CD and internet computer training I've seen."
Christine Maggio Abacus Technology, Inc., NJ "I received my Civil 3d training cd today and I wanted to send a thank you email. I am very pleased with your service. I also have the Revit Architecture training cd. I first ordered this as a download, and upon having difficulty I was very pleased with your prompt fix to the problem by sending the cd instead of using the download program. Again I thank you and look forward to future business with you."
Brett Carmer, Indiana "I thank you so much for the Training CD's. I've pushed my working knowledge of Carrara considerably. I would recommend your materials to anybody. Thank you again for a great support relationship with Marrutt."
Daniel Kiermaier, FL "Congratulations on building such a fine company - Your work is very professional in a world of sloppy and half baked pseudo professionals who think they are real professionals. Have an excellent weekend."
Rick, USA “We have purchased 11 of these training CDs to date. Their structure and content have improved our technical skills at our own pace. We've extracted ourselves from many a production problem by referring back to the relevant CD.”
Ian Walsh, Slide FX Ltd, Ireland "I was pointed to your site by a professor at my University. I have not only benefited by your excellent training in learning more, but I have also saved hundreds on textbooks and other reference material."
David Willams Essex (UK) "Thank you so much, the Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial is incredible! I have never learned how to use a software package so fast and in such a fun way before, presenter Andy has a style and sense of humour that is bang on. thank you"
Tadgh Creed, Texas "It was nice speaking with you last week. I received the training software and have already used it for a few hours. I'm very happy with it, very good instructor, superior quality product. Regards"
Mike Evans, California “Our company used to send our on MS Office training courses. Since buying your Microsoft Office Training CDs, we now train our employees in-house. The CDs are very comprehensive. We particularly like having the beginners to advanced sections all on one CD. Congratulations on a great product.”
David Brown, Head of IT , Muller Martini Ltd "Your training cds have been invaluable and i am going to be ordering some more. I have developed new skills really fast at a low cost. Once again, thanks a lot."
Andrew Fast, Freelance Photographer "Your understanding and assistance has been brilliant. I have talked up the course and I am sure I will stimulate some others to order your course. Spent 4 hours getting to know the course last night when I got home from work. It is fantastic. Very excited and like the method of presentation. Seems to be an introduction; walk around the screen; address specific items; go play on your own; and then come back for more. Like it."
Lenny Perkins, Pearly's Freshenings, OK, USA "Apple Final Cut Pro X Tutorial probably the best training I've seen in my seventy some years on this old planet. The training is truly fantastic; simple, easy to follow, and refreshing after all the other stuff I've seen on the web. You really did good with it. Good Luck"
Norris Trimm, NY, USA "I have been recently been using your Photoshop training to demonstrate techniques to my students. I've been trying to persuade them to purchase it themselves, as I believe it to be an excellent training tool, and the best instructional CD on this subject to date by far! Not only is it easy to follow and presented clearly, but it is also a bargain."
Joe Doyle Vista Community College, Berkeley, CA "Tuesday, I ordered a Training CD, Thursday morning I already received it. With Invoice etc. This is an extraordinary service! I'll be happy to order more articles from you in the future. Thank you very much!"
Ivan Merckx, BBC Communication, Belgium "By the way I did try one of your demos(SQL server 2012) and I really like how the lessons are presented, LOVE the background info provided on the lesson. I am a 'Dinosaur' in this business that needs to retrain, (darn!) and I was able to follow the instructor no problem. Thanks"
Mayra Rosas “About five years ago I was struggling to keep up with the latest versions of QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, when I discovered your training CDs. As a freelance Mac artworker working in Print and Reprographics at that time, I was expected to keep up with the latest versions of these applications - not to mention all the other extensions and plug-ins associated with these programs. I found the majority of books and manuals covering these subjects were a good cure for my insomnia, but not very helpful otherwise. These training CDs have not only been instrumental in helping me to keep up with the latest versions of Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop, but have also given me the confidence to learn new applications and skills. Without this training I would have struggled to make the transition to web site design. Thank you for removing the boredom from learning and introducing me to subjects I never thought I would be able to learn so fast.”
Glenn Monie, Mac Artworker, Web Site Designer and College Lecturer "With all the training Manuals I've purchased on Dreamweaver MX, I must say that this is the best instructional on this piece of software i've come across. I feel that I will now be able to tap into that power with this excellent tutorial."
Ian Ramsden, Fusion Systems; "More than just a convenient, cost-saving training method, your product offers quality instruction that is so easy to follow, better than any classroom training or books."
Chris Johnson Burlingame, CA "Your online service I can not fault, either with ease of use or delivery. One of my gripes with buying online is that with some companies there is often no phone number to contact a living person and it takes a lot of time to find one. You put a phone number down and it is always answered straight away, for me that's a big plus."
Phillip Burrough, UK
Our Product
Software Training Courses

These training tutorials are used by a large number of well respected organizations including Adobe Systems (Europe) Ltd, Ford Motor Co Ltd, HSBC, Samsung, AT&T, BBC, Setanta Sports, IKEA, UEFA, Ministry of Defence, Pitney Bowes and nearly all the universities and colleges in the UK & US.

These training products allow their employees to learn software applications quickly and effectively. Reasons why these organizations choose to use out training products include:

  • High quality video Movies by expert tutors
  • Simple to understand and follow
  • Learn from your own computer
  • All titles are on single or double CD Rom / DVD
  • Average length of course is 8 hours
  • Stop, fast-forward and rewind - Learn at your own pace
  • Dual format - Work on Both MAC and PC

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