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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 18 hours of easy to follow Adobe Premiere Pro CC video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
  • Tutor: Jeff Sengstack
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Video lessons: 131
  • Product code: 01787
  • In stock: YES
If you really want to get to grips with this powerful video application that revolutionizes non-linear video editing, then you might like to take a look at this beginners Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial.

Using step by step video training movies, expert author Jeff Stenstack explains all the essential tools, techniques and features in an easy to follow manner, which will help you master Adobe Premiere Pro in the shortest time possible!

The same work files that trainer Jeff uses are also included with the DVD and download purchase, which will help you to easily follow along and replicate his on-screen instructions.

You can sample this highly effective training method right now, click any of the blue linked lessons below for FREE Premiere Pro tutorials...
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"I'm very happy that i bought this training for Pro Tools. Before i purchased this, i was very undecided what to buy, there are so many out there. But I'm glad that i decided on this one, it's very nice & clear, and above all his sense of humor...I would defiantly recommend this to other people."Solomon Wechter, New York
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via Download.
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Course Outline
An Overview Of Adobe Premiere Pro
Combining Premiere Pro CS6 And CC Lessons
Setting Up The Exercise Files
Re-linking To Assets

Explaining The Video Production Workflow
An Overview Of The Entire Workflow
Shooting Footage - Video Shooting Tips And Techniques
Getting A Feel For Non-Linear Editing
Importing Assets - Getting Video And Files Into A Computer
Editing Video - What It Is All About
Exporting Projects And Files - Sharing Your Finished Work
Using Adobe Prelude In The Production Workflow

Getting Started
Optimizing Your Hardware
Starting And Opening Projects And Syncing With The Cloud
Adjusting Premiere Pro Preferences And Other Settings
Navigating Within The Workspace
Customizing Your Workspace
Customizing Your Monitors

Importing, Capturing, And Managing Assets
Moving Video Files From Camcorder To Computer
Capturing Video From Tape
Extracting Video Files From DVDs
Importing Video And Other Assets
Using The Media Browser To View And Import Assets
Managing And Viewing Assets In The Project Panel
Creating and Using Sub-Clips

Adding And Arranging Clips On A Single Audio/Video Pair Of Tracks
Comparing CS6 And CC Timeline Features
Explaining Why We Use Only One Set Of Tracks
Creating A New Sequence
Adding, Inserting And Arranging Clips In A Sequence
Using Keyboard Modifiers When Editing A Sequence
Detecting Duplicate Frames And Clips

Trimming And Adjusting Clips
Trimming Clips In Advance - Project Panel And Source Monitor
Using The Trim Edit Tool
Editing With The Ripple And Rolling Edit Tools
Performing Slip, Slide And Split Edits
Using The Trim Mode And Trim Monitor

Making Specialized Edits
Adding Cutaways
Editing Wide And Tight
Using Markers To Create Matched-Action Edits
Exporting And Creating Still Frames
Changing Time - Slow, Fast And Reverse Motion
Audio Auto-Align
Source Patching And Track Targeting

Adding Video And Audio Transitions
Comparing CS6 And CC Transition Timeline Displays
Trying Out Some Video Transitions
Explaining Video Transition Properties
Applying And Replacing Video Transitions
Adjusting Video Transitions
Using Some Specialized Transitions
Applying And Adjusting Audio Transitions

Working With Video Effects
Comparing CS6 And CC Video Effect Timeline Displays
Making Sense Of The Numerous Video Effects
Trying Out Some Video Effects
Managing Video Effects
Adjusting Effect Properties
Animating Effects Using Key Frames
Copying, Pasting And Moving Key Frames
Adjusting Temporal Key Frame Interpolation

Checking Out Video Effect Categories And Specialized Effects
Blurring And Sharpening Clips
Distorting Clips
Stylizing Clips
Using Generate Effects
Using The Lighting, Lightning And Lens Flare Effects
Stabilizing Shaky Shots With The Warp Stabilizer

Performing Color Correction
Understanding The Color Correction Workflow
Organizing Our Recommended Color Correction Effects
Taking A Look At Scopes
Adjusting Tonality - Brightness And Contrast
Adjusting Color
Using Secondary Color Correction Techniques
Using The Tint Effect
Applying SpeedGrade Lumetri Effect
Exporting To SpeedGrade

Introducing Compositing - Layering
Understanding How Compositing Works
Layering Graphics, Video Clips And Backgrounds
Working With Various Motion Effects To Composite Clips
Using A Nested Sequence And The Picture-In-A-Picture Technique
Creating A Looping, Animated Background
Using Opacity And Blending Modes
Working With Layered Photoshop Files
Performing Multi-Camera Editing

Animating Motion Effects
Animating Clips And Still Images With The Motion Effect
Smoothing Motion By Adjusting Bezier Curves
Matching The Motion Of An Object Within A Clip

Using Keying Effects
Taking A Look At Keying Effects
Trying Out Three Keying Effects
Using The Ultra Key Effect
Putting An Actor, Multiple Times, In A Single Scene

Specialized Compositing Methods
Using Adjustment Layers - Lesson 1
Using Adjustment Layers - Lesson 2
Understanding The Track Matte Key Effect
Highlighting Part Of A Clip
Importing Or Adding Closed Captions To Projects
Working With Nested Sequences
Editing A Nested Sequence From The Source Monitor

Working With The Titler
The Importance Of Supers
Starting With A Template
Building Text From Scratch
Using Text Styles
Adding And Adjusting Text Properties
Adding Graphics, Images, And Textures To Titles
Making Text Roll Or Crawl
Creating Shapes And Using The Pen Tool
Using Digital Juice Ready2Go Animated Title Templates

Introducing Audio Editing
Explaining Audio Editing
Adding Audio To A Sequence
Adjusting Audio Volume And Panning In The Effect Controls Panel
Adjusting Audio Volume And Panning In The Timeline
Breaking Out Multi-Channel Clips Into Mono Clips

Making Specialized Audio Edits
Using Audio From One Clip On Another Clip
Making J- And L-Cut Audio Edits
Normalizing Audio And Making Sample-Level Edits

Working With Audio Effects
Checking Out Audio Effects
Working With Channel-Oriented Effects
Using Frequency And Pitch Control Effects
Applying Delay-Oriented Effects
Checking Out Noise Removal And Other Effects

Using The Audio Track And Clip Mixer
Comparing CS6 And CC Audio Mixers
Working With The Audio Clip Mixer
Controlling And Automating Track Volume And Panning
Using Audio Effects In The Mixer
Recording A Narration Or Other Audio
Outputting Tracks To Submix Tracks

Exporting A Project
Explaining The Export Workflow
Going Over Export Format Options
Exporting A Sequence, Clip Or Frame
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About Tutor Jeff Sengstack
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Need to Train Multiple Users?
This Adobe Premiere Pro CC course is available in multi-user format ideal for corporate users, schools and universities.

The course loads directly onto your server and delivered to multiple users over your network.

An unlimited number of users can access the training with a pre-determined number viewing the tuition at any one time.

Training Multiple Users

Load onto your server
Deliver on your network or existing learning management system

For companies and educational establishments wanting multi user access to training resources, we offer this Adobe Premiere Pro CC course to do just that.
Now you can integrate training or technical support within your own computer network, or allow employees or students to gain access to training and support from home or any other location that they can gain access to your organizations network.

The courses can be played over a LAN using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
The movies are viewed using Adobe Flash (same method as YouTube) and are slightly compressed in order to not clog the network.
All advanced and the "for dummies" courses are available via this multi user solution and can be copied directly to a hard disk for faster access and the access page may be customized, if needed, using a html editor.

More than one title can exist on your server and the supplied player will automatically show titles that are available.
Simply purchase more user licences (supplied as files) and drop them into the folder. This will automatically increase the number of users allowed onto the system. All purchases are backed up by excellent after-sales support team and easy to follow instruction manual.
You can order multi user online or speak to our knowledgeable sales team.
Multi users are sold in 10 user licenses. For each 10 user licenses, you can have up to 10 people viewing that training at any one time.
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A recent customer speaks out...
"I'm very happy that i bought this training for Pro Tools. Before i purchased this, i was very undecided what to buy, there are so many out there. But I'm glad that i decided on this one, it's very nice & clear, and above all his sense of humor...I would defiantly recommend this to other people."Solomon Wechter, New York