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MySQL & PHP Video Tutorials

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Learn about all the updates and features of this new version of powerful web development technology with the help of these beginners PHP 7 tutorial videos.

Commencing from the basic concepts, expert programmer David Powers presents step-by-step training videos that help explain and demonstrate the fundamental concepts and how to leverage the power of PHP 7

The course spans over 3 hours and starts with an overview of PHP 7, how to set up your test environment and the changes that has occurred from previous versions.
David discusses new operators and functions including integer division, how to generate random bytes and numbers and multiple callbacks.
You will also learn about classes and generators including anonymous classes, generator return expressions and grouping use declarations.
Towards the conclusion of the courses some of the more complex techniques are discussed including using assertions for debugging and using reserved words in classes.
Throughout David's instruction, he frequently uses and makes references to working files that are included with the DVD and download purchase helping you to easily keep pace with his on-screen actions.

You can start your PHP 7 education right away. Click the link below to sample free video tutorials and discover how effective this practical teaching guide is...
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Learn how to create your own fully featured PHP/MySQL Web sites and applications with the help of these practical PHP & MySQL tutorials.

Presented by expert PHP tutor Doug Bierer, he uses step-by-step video training movies to take you through the creation of a CRM (customer relationship management) application.

Through the fifteen hours of easy-to-follow demonstrations, you will learn all about variables, PHP functions, overview of phpMyAdmin, sending an email with PHP, how to create MySQL databases and tables, intro to applauding, MySQL Joins and so much more.

You can view the 142 lessons and start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below to view the complete course details and to sample the FREE PHP & MySQL video tutorials that are available on this web site...
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If you want to start designing effective database management systems then you might like to take a look at this beginners MySQL video tutorial.

Using step-by-step video training movies, expert tutor Jason Gilmore provides an in-depth understanding of how to install, configure, manage and use MySQL 5 in an easy-to-follow and step-by-step manner.

As well as gaining a sound knowledge of this popular relational database, you will also learn tricks for optimizing, importing and backing up MySQL databases.

You can start learning this popular database design tool right now, click the grey link below for the full training course contents and to sample FREE MySQL video tutorials and discover just how effective this teaching method really is...
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PHP is popular server-side programming language that lets you create dynamic web pages. In this course expert programmer Doug Bierer teaches you about the primary security considerations that can affect a PHP website, and how you can take preventative measures.

Designed for those who already have a solid understanding of PHP 5 Programming and MySQL, trainer Doug shows you the fundamentals and how to get the most out of using PHP 5 in the real world.

Throughout the course, Doug uses and makes frequent reference to real PHP code. These are included with the DVD, online and download purchases helping you to easily keep pace with his on-screen actions and verbal instruction.
The course commences at a relatively easy pace with the most common forms of attack explained as well as the potential consequences of a breach.
You will learn about the filtering and validation functions in PHP along with best practices for using them. Doug also explains how you can protect your web site and servers from common attacks that include SQL injections.

You can start your PHP Security education right away. Click any of the blue linked lessons to sample the free video tutorials and discover how effective this practical teaching guide is...
Older PHP & MySQL Courses
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Through 86 expertly created video lessons, experienced PHP programmer Mike Morton demonstrates how to use this popular language in everyday programming. Mike commences with the basics with topics such as PHP variables and statements and smoothly progresses onto more advanced concepts such as arrays and setting up & using PHP MyAdmin. You can view the full training contents and preview the first three chapters for FREE right now, click the grey link below to start learning with the sample PHP Video tutorials available on this web site...
More on this PHP Tutorial for Beginners ADOBE AIR TUTORIAL & PHP DEVELOPMENT
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Start learning about Adobe's cross-platform runtime environment with the help of these step-by-step video training movies in this Adobe AIR and PHP development tutorial. Commencing from the fundamentals, expert trainer Richard Bates will first familiarize users with key concepts such as how AIR actually works, working with the Flex builder and AIR developments basics before smoothly progressing to the more complex and challenging aspects such as advanced integration techniques, how to customize AIR interfaces and authentication methods. The teaching is also backed up by real world examples and work files. You can view the full training contents and preview the first three chapters FREE of charge, click the grey link below to view the sample AIR tutorials...
More on this Beginners Adobe AIR Tutorial PHP PROJECT SOLUTIONS TUTORIAL
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These intermediate to advanced PHP video tutorials cover topics such as PHP syntax, built in functions of PHP, shopping carts, XML files, validation and so much more. Once expert tutor, Dave Mercer, has described these key topics he reinforces what you have learnt by demonstrating these PHP aspects using an online card game example and a content management system. You can sample this highly effective training method right now, click the grey link below for FREE sample PHP tutorials...
More on this Advanced PHP Video Tutorial

These basic to advanced MySQL & PHP video tutorials assume you've never previously used PHP or MySQL and takes you step-by-step through the key concepts in an enjoyable, and easy-to-follow manner. Typical PHP tuition includes variables, how to apply include files, functions, arrays, MySQL basics, validation, operators, if statements and so much more!

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