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Adobe Photoshop Photography Tutorials

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Applicable to almost all versions of Adobe Photoshop, this practical training course is aimed towards photographers to help them correct, touch up and enhance scanned and digital images.

Through over 9 hours of step by step instruction, pro photographer Andy Anderson presents easy to follow training videos that demonstrate tried and tested techniques that can be applied to your photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Throughout the tuition, Andy makes frequent reference to and uses image files that are included with the DVD / online purchase helping you to effortlessly follow along with his on-screen actions. The course commences with best practices for organizing your images and an overview of some basic photographic techniques. Once the fundamentals are out of the way, Andy moves on to explaining the channels, learning how to reduce digital noise through filters and using the Raw plug in. You will also learn about removing distortion, adjusting images with curves, creating custom lighting techniques and more.

You can view the complete training course contents and start learning how to improve your photographic output right away. Click the grey link below for full course info and to sample the free Photographers Photoshop video tutorials available on this website...
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This Photographers Photoshop CS5 course is packed with valuable tips and techniques that even the most experienced digital editor and photographer can take on board and learn new methods of achieving spectacular results.

Presented by expert tutor Andy Anderson, he uses step-by-step video training movies to help explain and demonstrate tried and trusted photographic techniques used by top professionals to touch up, and enhance their digital and scanned photos.

In over ten hours of easy-to-follow visual training, the tuition includes lessons on Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, best practices for Color Correction, getting to grips with Camera Raw, techniques for sharpening your image, the basics of HDR, Blending Modes explained and so much more.

You can get up to speed with the latest photographic techniques for Adobe Photoshop CS5 right now, click the grey linked lesson below to sample FREE video tutorials...
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Get to grips with the tools used in Adobe Photoshop to restore your images and gain the skills and knowledge to correct them using these step-by-step Adobe Photoshop Image Restoration tutorials.

Assuming a fundamental understanding of Photoshop, expert trainer Andy Anderson uses easy-to-follow training videos to provide expert tuition on the art of restoring photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Through over five hours of professionally created video training, the instruction includes techniques for straightening your photo, transforming your image from color to greyscale, how to remove scratches, correcting exposure, how to correct color and so much more.

You can view the complete training course contents and start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below for full info and to sample FREE Photoshop Image Restoration tutorials and discover how effective this teaching method is...
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If your new to this popular method of capturing images and are looking to learn the basic techniques of Digital Photography, then you should take a look at these step by step training movies.

Presented via narrated training movies, experienced photographer Andy Anderson explains the tools needed to get started in digital photography, the basics of resolution and storage, digital output and several methods of enhancing your work using Adobe Photoshop.

The same working files as trainer Andy uses are also included in the DVD/Download purchase allowing you to accurately replicate the on-screen actions of the tutor thus enhancing the learning process.

You can learn how to become a better photographer right now, click any the grey linked lesson below for FREE Photoshop digital photography tutorials and see how this visual tutoring can benefit you...
Older Photoshop Photographic Courses
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Targeted towards both beginners and professional photographers, these Photographers Photoshop CS4 tutorials will help you to get the most out of this powerful image editing suite enabling you to get your images looking the best they possibly can. Focusing on the tools, features and best practices that photographers will benefit from, expert tutor Ellen Anon uses easy-to-follow video training movies to take your Photoshop skills and photographic techniques to a whole new level. Amongst the training is topics such as using Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, layer masks and even some more challenging concepts such as adding copyrights and using content aware scaling. You can view the full training contents and start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below for FREE Adobe Photoshop CS4 training videos...
More on this Beginners Photoshop Photography Video Tutorial ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 PHOTOGRAPHERS TUTORIAL
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Take your Photoshop skills and photographic output quality to a whole new level with the help of this practical Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers tutorial. Using hands-on video training movies, professional photographer Phil Hawkins guides users through all the important Photoshop tools, features and best practices that will help to display your images with the greatest possible impact. Phil draws upon his 10 years of daily Photoshop use and a wealth of photographic experience to provide users with a solid background into the best practices for using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for photography and not to mention some invaluable tips, trick and techniques that you'll pick up throughout the training. You can sample this training right now, click the grey link below for FREE sample video tutorials...
More on this Beginners Photoshop Photography Video Tutorial HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL
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Increase your skills and know-how of the most creative and popular method to capture your images with the help of these easy to follow digital camera tutorials. Presented via step-by-step video training movies, expert trainer Andy Anderson demonstrates digital camera components, best practices for using your digital camera and getting the best images possible. You can start learning how to shoot and edit like a true professional, click the grey link below for FREE Digital Photography tutorials...
More on this Beginners High Dynamic Range Photography Tutorial ADOBE PHOTOSHOP PHOTOGRAPHERS TUTORIAL
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(Based around Photoshop CS) In this Adobe Photoshop training tutorial for photographers, expert tutor Gavin Philips aims to help the user improve in three key areas of Adobe Photoshop:
1. professional photography techniques
2. reducing & improving user workflow
3. promoting user creativity
Tuition includes Contact Sheets, Picture Packages, Automating Tasks / Batch Processing, Using Camera RAW file format, Efficient Re-touching, Adjustment Layers, Toning, Classic Photo Effects, rapid red-eye removal and many more important advance Photoshop techniques. You can start learning all about Photoshop digital photography right now, just click the grey link below to get started...
More on this Beginners Photoshop for Photographers Tutorial ICC COLOUR MANAGEMENT IN PHOTOSHOP 7 TUTORIAL
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If you've ever wondered about Adobe Photoshop colour management, Rita Amladi explains all in this 7 hour tutorial DVD. Topics include the disciplines, colour correction, calibration, proofing, profiles and a whole lot more that will advance your Photoshop techniques and skills in a very short space of time. You can view FREE beginners Adobe Adobe Photoshop Photography tutorials right now by clicking the grey link below:
More on this Beginners ICC Colour Management Photoshop Tutorial

This adobe Photoshop training for photographers assumes you have a sound working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and takes you step-by-step through the more advanced photographic techniques and best practices in an enjoyable, and easy-to-follow manner. Each Adobe PS tutor guides you through each tool and shows you the correct way to use it thus improving user workflow. Typical photography tuition includes ICC color management, using and applying profiles, photographic colour management, re-touching, lighting, air brush techniques, using multiple layers, masks, patterns, exposures, filters, image resolution, using the histogram, levels, brushes, channels, masks, using the sharpen tool, channels and so much more...

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