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Java Programming - Beginner to Advanced Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
Beginners Java Programming Tutorial
Duration: 10 Hours
Video lessons: 112

Advanced Java Programming Tutorial
Duration: 8 hours
Video lessons: 100
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 18 hours of easy to follow Java Programming - Beginner to Advanced video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Java Programming - Beginner to Advanced tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from Beginners Java Programming
What This Course Covers And What You Need
Biographical Information On The Java Tutor

Getting Started
Downloading And Installing The JDK
Overview Of The JDK

Writing Your First Java Program - Hello, World!
Entering The Program
Compiling And Running The Program
Correcting Errors
Exercise - Modifying The Hello, World! Program

Java Building Blocks - Data Types And Variables
Introduction To Data Types
Data Types - int, double
Data Types Continued - string, char, And bool
Variable Naming Rules
Declaring Variables
Assigning Data To Variables
Exercise - Saying Hello To Others

Introduction To Classes And Objects
Classes And Objects
Class Data Members
Creating Constructors
toString Method, Creating Class Objects
Accessor Methods
Exercise - A Simple Class

Arithmetic Operators And Expressions
The Standard Java Arithmetic Operators
Arithmetic Operator Order Of Operations
Final Variables
Math Class
Mixing Arithmetic Data Types
Exercise 1 - Translating A Formula To Java Code

Java Input And Output
Writing Special Characters - Newlines And Tabs
Formatted Output With printf
Using The Scanner To Input Numbers
Using The Scanner To Input Strings
Exercise - A Simple Question And Answer Program

Making Decisions
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Simple if-else Statement
Nested if-else Statements
The if-else if Statement - Lesson 1
The if-else if statement - Lesson 2
Exercise 1 - A Question And Answer Program
Exercise 2 - A Calculator Program

Performing Repetition
The while Loop - Introduction
Count-controlled while Loops
Condition-controlled while Loops
Results-controlled while Loops
The for Loop - Lesson 1
The for loop - Lesson 2
break and continue
Exercise 1 - Looping q And a
Exercise 2 - Looping Calculator
Exercise 3 - for Loop Exercise

Defining A Method - Lesson 1
Defining A Method - Lesson 2
Methods With Multiple Parameters
Predicate Methods
Void Methods
Pass By Value
Exercise 1 - Three Example Methods
Exercise 2 - Adding Methods To The Calculator Program

ArrayList Introduction
Declaring And Initializing An ArrayList
Adding Data To An ArrayList
Accessing ArrayList Elements
Passing ArrayLists As Method Arguments
Generating Random Numbers
Searching An ArrayList
Sorting An ArrayList
Exercise 1 - Using An ArrayList To Find Palindromes
Exercise 2 - Finding The Maximum Value

Classes And Object-Oriented Programming
Private Data Members
More On Constructors
Displaying Class Data, toString
Set And Get Methods
Increment Method For Time Class
Exercise 1 - Building An Object-Oriented Calculator
Exercise 2 - Extending Time Class

Introduction To Inheritance
Overriding Methods
Protected Members
The Object Class
Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Introduction To Polymorphism - Lesson 1
Introduction To Polymorphism - Lesson 2
Polymorphism Example
Working With Abstract Classes
Working With Interfaces
Exercise 1

Declaring An Array
Accessing Array Elements
Passing Arrays As Function Arguments
Two-Dimensional Arrays - Lesson 1
Two-Dimensional Arrays - Lesson 2
Exercise 1 - Using Array Elements As Counters
Exercise 2 - Displaying Bar Charts Using Array
Exercise 3 - Creating A Deck Of Playing Cards

Additional Java Control Flow Constructs
The switch Statement - Lesson 1
The switch Statement - Lesson 2
The do-while Loop - Lesson 1
The do-while Loop - Lesson 2
The for-each Loop - Lesson 3
The for-each Loop - Lesson 4
Exercise 1 - Rewriting An if-else if Statement Using a switch Statement
Exercise 2 - Rewriting A while Loop with a do-while Loop
Exercise 3 - Using A for-each Loop With ArrayLists

File Processing
try-catch Statement
Writing Data To A File
Reading Data From A File
Appending Data To A File
Writing Characters To A File
Reading Characters From A File
Exercise 1 - Creating A To-Do List
Exercise 2 - To-Do List Continued
Exercise 3 - To-Do List Continued
Course Wrap Up
Contents from Advanced Java Programming
What This Course Covers
About The Java Tutor

Generic Programming
Building Generic Classes - Lesson 1
Building Generic Classes - Lesson 2
Creating Generic Interfaces
Building Generic Methods
Building Generic Classes With Different Types
Generic Programming - Exercise

Sequential Collections
The Collection, List, And Set Interfaces
The Queue And Dequeue Interfaces
The Arraylist Class
The Hashset Class
The Treeset Class
The Priorityqueue Class
Sequential Collections - Exercise 1
Sequential Collections - Exercise 2

Associative Collections
The Map Interface
The Treemap Class
The Hashmap Class
Associative Collections - Exercise

Classic Data Structures
Binary Trees
Classic Data Structures - Exercise 1
Classic Data Structures - Exercise 2
Classic Data Structures - Exercise 3
Classic Data Structures - Exercise 4

Sorting And Searching Algorithms
Insertion Sort
Bubble Sort
Linear Search
Binary Search
Sorting And Searching Algorithms - Exercise 1
Sorting And Searching Algorithms - Exercise 2

Exception Handling
Exceptions Introduction - Uncaught Exceptions
Try-Catch Statement - Lesson 1
Try-Catch Statement - Lesson 2
Multiple Catch Clauses
Exception Handling - Exercise

Database Programming With JDBC
Installing MySQL On Windows
Installing MySQL On Mac
Installing Connector/J
Connecting To A Database
Querying Data
Creating Database/Tables
Inserting Data
Updating Data
Database Programming With JDBC - Exercise

Network Programming
Working With URLs
Socket Programming Example
Socket Server Programming
Client Server Programming
Network Programming - Exercise

GUI Development With Swing
A Simple Example
Working With Text Fields
Working With Buttons
Working With Lists
Working With Scroll Panes
GUI Development With Swing - Exercise

Multithread Programming
The Main Thread
Creating Threads
Synchronizing Threads
Multithread Programming - Exercise

Java Applets
Simple Applet Example
Creating An Applet - Lesson 1
Creating An Applet - Lesson 2
Java Applets - Exercise

Java Web Applications
Installing Tomcat On Windows
Installing Tomcat On Mac
Simple Servlet
Java Web Applications - Exercise 1 - Get Request
Java Web Applications - Exercise 2 - Post Request

JavaBean Programming
Creating A JavaBean Class
Creating A Beaninfo Class - Lesson 1
Creating A Beaninfo Class - Lesson 2
JavaBean Programming - Exercise

Advanced Java Input/Output (NIO)
File Copying With NIO
Working With Buffers
Working With File Data
Advanced Java Input/Output - Exercise

Strings And Stringbuilder Class
Problems With Strings
Working With Stringbuilder Class
Strings And Stringbuilder Class - Exercise

Regular Expressions
Introduction To Regular Expressions
Creating Pattern And Match Objects
Using Metacharacters
Using Regular Expressions To Replace Text
Regular Expressions - Exercise

Java Graphics
Drawing Lines
Drawing Shapes
Working With Color
Java Graphics - Exercise

Using Eclipse
Installing Eclipse On Windows
Installing Eclipse On Mac
Hello World
Overview Of The Eclipse IDE
Entering Programs
Code Generation
  • Tutor: Mike McMillan
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Video lessons: 212
  • Product code: 01729
  • In stock: YES
  • Available on: DVD & Download
  • Work files included: YES
  • Works on: MS Windows PC & Mac
  • Date Released: 26th October 2012
Gain a comprehensive insight into the concepts that drive complex Java applications and learn how to create challenging Java programs with the help of these Beginner to Advanced Java Programming tutorials.

Presented by seasoned programmer Mike McMillan, he uses step-by-step video training movies to help you grasp the fundamental to complex Java programming concepts through 212 individual training lessons.

In the beginner course, the basics of Java programming are explained including compiling and running your programs, lessons on classes and objects, Inheritance, how to download and install the JDK (Java Development Kit) and learning expressions.

The advanced course provides a more in-depth view of the complex concepts of Java programming including sorting algorithms, JavaBean programming, using regular expressions, sequential and associative collections explained.

The same Java code that the trainer Mike demonstrates on is also included in the DVD and download purchase options allowing you to work in parallel with Mike's on-screen actions.

The complete course contents are listed below and you can start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons to sample FREE Java Programming training videos and discover how effective this visual teaching method is...
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Training Multiple Users

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For companies and educational establishments wanting multi user access to training resources, we offer this Java Programming - Beginner to Advanced course to do just that.
Now you can integrate training or technical support within your own computer network, or allow employees or students to gain access to training and support from home or any other location that they can gain access to your organizations network.

The courses can be played over a LAN using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
The movies are viewed using Adobe Flash (same method as YouTube) and are slightly compressed in order to not clog the network.
All advanced and the "for dummies" courses are available via this multi user solution and can be copied directly to a hard disk for faster access and the access page may be customized, if needed, using a html editor.

More than one title can exist on your server and the supplied player will automatically show titles that are available.
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