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Advanced Excel Tutorials

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Go beyond the basics and take your spreadsheet skills to new levels with the help of these advanced tutorials for Microsoft Excel 2013.

Taking over from where the beginner course concluded, expert MS excel tutor Guy Vaccaro presents step-by-step training videos that help tackle the more complex and challenging functions that Excel has to offer breaking them down into easy-to-follow segments.

This course includes over ten hours of professionally created tuition, which includes working with basic operations such as MIN, SUM and Max, learning to use IF statements and control conditions, step-by-step error checking, lessons on creating custom views, creating Macros to shorten your workflow's, pivot tables and pivot charts explained and so much more.

You can sample this course right away, click the grey linked lesson below for the complete training contents and to view the Advanced Excel 2013 evaluation training videos and discover how effective this teaching method is...
More on this Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Tutorial         We also have the Beginners Excel 2013 Tutorial

And a discounted bundle that includes both Advanced and Beginners Excel 2013 Tutorials
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Delve deeper into this industry standard spreadsheet software with these Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 tutorials.

Presented by expert MS Excel tutor Guy Vaccaro, he uses high quality video training movies to help explain and demonstrate the more advanced and complex features of Microsoft Excel, helping you to unleash the true potential of this widely used mathematical software.

In over 8 hours of professionally created video training, the tuition includes lessons on Macros in Excel, using Pivot tables, Sparklines in MS Excel, VLOOKUP explained, lessons on arrays, using charts, HLOOKUP and so much more.

You can view the complete training course contents and start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below for full listings and to sample the FREE Advanced Excel 2010 video tutorials and see how this practical tutoring can benefit you...
More on this Advanced Excel 2010 Tutorial         We also have the Beginners Excel 2010 Tutorial
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If your looking to master the art of spreadsheet design and take control of the powerful tools and features that Excel has to offer then you should take a look at this comprehensive Microsoft Excel Automation tutorial.

Presented using easy-to-follow video training movies, expert instructor Lauri Matson provides instruction on the more exciting and advanced topics including macros and their code, learning routines, functions, VBA and so much more.

Throughout the training, tutor Lauri uses actual MS Excel working files that are included with the DVD / download purchase helping you to effortlessly follow along with the on-screen actions.

You can evaluate these advanced Excel tutorials right now and take your first steps in mastering Microsoft Excel, click the grey link below to view FREE evaluation movies available on this web site and discover how effective this practical teaching method is...
Older Advanced MS Excel Courses
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If you want to expand your Microsoft Excel knowledge then you should take a look at these advanced Excel tutorials for Statistics. This course mainly focuses on the area of statistics using real world working examples and exercise files so you can follow right along and understand what is being demonstrated. Topics covered include statistics fundamentals, statistical analysis and statistical graphing using Microsoft Excel. You can evaluate this highly effective learning method right now, simply click the grey red below for FREE Microsoft Excel tutorials...
More on this Microsoft Excel 2003 for Statistics Tutorial MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC FOR EXCEL TUTORIAL
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Start to learn about VB for Excel by joining Guy Vaccaro as he demonstrates macros, the VBA programming language and the VBA development environment in these step-by-step advanced Excel tutorials. Even a novice will have little problem following right along as Guy explains topics such as how to use functions, how to create functions, cell referencing, labels, and how to save, gaining help, macros, and access code. You can start learning all about MS VB for Excel right now, click the grey link below to start learning and sample the FREE advanced Excel training tutorials available on this web site...
More on this Beginners Visual Basic for Excel Tutorial

This advanced Excel training assumes you have a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and takes you step-by-step through the more advanced techniques and concepts in an enjoyable, and easy-to-follow manner. Each tutor guides you through each tool and shows you the correct way to use it thus improving user workflow. Typical Advanced Excel tuition includes macros, advanced formulas, VLookup tables, advanced presentation techniques, statistics, spreadsheets layout methods, routines, utilizing functions, VBA, autofilters, advanced help and so much more...

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