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Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner to Advanced Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
Beginners Excel 2013 Tutorial
Duration: 7.5 Hours
Video lessons: 106

Advanced Excel 2013 Tutorial
Duration: 10 hours
Video lessons: 128
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 18 hours of easy to follow Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner to Advanced video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner to Advanced tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from Beginners Excel 2013
Start Here
Let's Get Started With Excel 2013
The Excel Workbook Explained
Signing Up For Your Own Free SkyDrive
Customize The Quick Access Toolbar
Using The Included Working Files
About The MS Excel Tutor

Managing Excel Workbooks And Worksheets
Creating And Saving A New Workbook
Opening Workbooks And Save As Options
Saving And Opening SkyDrive Files
Navigating An Excel Workbook
Adding And Removing Worksheets
Renaming Copying And Moving Worksheets

Entering And Editing Data In Cells
Entering Text, Numbers, And Dates
Entering Numbers As Text
Editing The Contents Of A Cell
Undo And Redo Actions
Cut, Copy, And Paste
Dragging And Dropping Cells
The Fill Handle
Inserting And Deleting Cells Columns And Rows
Changing Column Widths And Row Heights
Hiding And Un-Hiding Columns And Rows
Searching For Values In A Workbook

Math Basics
Getting Started With Basic Math Formulas
Order Of Operation With BODMAS
Introduction To Basic Formulas
Copying Formulas And Functions
Displaying Formulas On A Worksheet

Formatting Worksheets
Selecting Cells For Formatting
Modifying Typeface Font, Size, And Colour
Merging And Wrapping Cell Contents
Using Number Formats
Cell Content Alignment And Orientation
Adding And Removing Borders From A Selection
Applying A Date Format To A Cell Or Range
The Format Painter
Finding And Replacing Formats
Clearing Cell Contents VsClearing Cell Formatting

Workbook And Worksheet Management
Worksheet Navigation And Coloured Worksheet Tabs
Moving Or Copying Worksheets Within And Between Workbooks
Viewing And Scrolling Multiple Workbooks At The Same Time
Hiding And Un-Hiding Sheets
Modifying More Than One Worksheet At A Time

Page Setup And Printing
Using Print Titles And Print Areas
Paper Size, Orientation, Margins, And Scaling Options
Creating Headers and Footers
Using The Page Break And The Page Layout Views
Printing A Range Of Cells
Running The Spell Checker
Controlling Most Print Settings In One Place

Mathematical Formulas
The Sum Function
Copying Formulas And Functions
Other Mathematical Functions: Average, Min, And Max
Useful Count Functions
Absolute Referencing Explained
Formulas Across Worksheets
3D Referencing
Making Use Of Named Cells And Ranges

Advanced Formatting
Enhancing Worksheets Using Themes
Adding, Editing, And Deleting Comments
Creating Your Own Autofill List
Converting Data To A Table For Formatting

Activating And Deactivating Worksheet Protection
Protecting Part Of A Worksheet To Aid Data Entry
Password Protecting The Whole Workbook

Excel 2013 Templates
Using The 2013 Templates
Creating And Using Your Own Template

Graphics Objects
Obtaining And Inserting Online Images
Using SmartArt Graphics
Inserting Shapes And Screenshots
Formatting Graphical Objects
The Stacking Order
Grouping Multiple Objects Together
Using Graphical Objects And Mathematical Formulas

Using Charts In Excel
The New Recommended Charts Option
Create A Chart Using The Long Or The Short Method
Formatting A Chart With The 2013 Shortcut Options
Modifying The Chart Type
Formatting Chart Elements
Adding A Trendline
The Pie Chart In Detail
Mini Graphs: Sparklines

Excel As A Database
Fixing On Screen Rows And Columns
Fixing Print Rows And Columns
Sorting Data In Excel
Filtering Data To Reduce Dataset Size
Removing Duplicate Entries In The Data
Adding Subtotals To A Worksheet Of Data
Using Text To Columns Effectively
Linking To Data On A Webpage

Advanced Formulas
Using An If Formula
Use Of The If Function To Hide Excel Error Messages
Datedif: A Useful But Hidden Formula
Text Manipulation Using Functions
Use The Text Function To Format Numbers
Date Manipulation Functions
Introducing Sumif, Countif, And Averageif
Use Of Rank To Calculate Placings
Flash Fill: The Magic Touch

Conditional Formatting
Altering Cell Appearance Based On The Cell Value
Displaying Data Bars, Color Scales, Or Icon Sets
Using Top And Bottom Rules For Formatting
Creating A Formatting Rule From Scratch
Managing The Conditional Formatting Rules

What's Next
The New Office Apps For MS Excel 2013
Ready To Go Advanced
Contents from the Advanced Excel 2013
Getting Started
Will I Be Able To Keep Up?
Using The Included Files
New For 2013: Its All In The Cloud
The Very Clever Flash Fill

Using Mathematical Functions
The Basic SUM, COUNT, MIN, And MAX
SUMIF For Selective Adding Up
COUNTIF For Selective Counting
AVERAGEIF For The Mean Of Selected Cells
Multiple Criteria Within SUMIF, COUNTIF, And AVERAGEIF
Area And Volume Calculations

IF Functionality
IF Syntax And Uses
Nesting The IF Statement
Use Of The AND Operator Within An IF
Use Of The OR Operator Within An IF
The NOT Operator Within AND And OR Statements
Display Cell Formulas In Another Cell

Performing Data Lookups
VLOOKUP: Syntax And Usage
VLOOKUP In Live Action
HLOOKUP: Variation On A Theme
Using A Near Match In The Lookup
Dealing With Missing Data In A Lookup
Managing The Lookup Table
Lookups Nested Within Lookups

Creating A Sparkline
Altering The Design Of Sparklines
Dealing With Empty Cells
Comparing Sparklines Within A Sparkline Group
Removing Sparklines From A Worksheet

Further Mathematical Functions
Working With Time In Excel
Calculations Using Time
Useful Time And Date Functions
Rounding Decimal Places
MOD And INT Functions And Uses
Generate And Use A Random Number
Loan And Investment Calculations
Loan Calculation Elements And Functions

Create An Outline Automatically
Adding An Outline Manually
Editing And Removing Outlining

Setting Up A Set Of Scenarios
Displaying And Editing The Different Scenarios
How To Work Out Which Scenario You Are Displaying
Merging And Deleting Scenarios
Producing A Summary Of Scenarios

Custom Views
Custom Views Explained
Use Of Outlining To Help Setup Custom Views
Editing And Deleting Custom Views
Add Quick Access To Custom Views

Functions For Manipulating Text
LEFT And RIGHT: Text Manipulation
LEN And TRIM: String Extractions
FIND And MID: Text Functions Working Together
CONCATENATE: Building Strings From Multiple Cells
Changing Case Functions
REPLACE And SUBSTITUTE: Two More String Manipulation Functions
Use Of CHAR Function For More Obscure Characters
Formatting Numeric And Date Values Using TEXT
Keeping The Values Created By String Manipulation

Arrays And Creating A New Array Formula
Array Formulas With IF Statements
Conditional Evaluation With No IFs
The Array-Only TRANSPOSE Function

Useful Data Functions
Using The MATCH Function
How The INDEX Function Works
Handling Out Of Range Index Requests
The CHOOSE Lookup Function
MATCH And INDEX Functions Working Together

Some Other Useful Functions
Introducing IS Functions
Error Checking Using ISERR, ISERROR, And IFERROR
OFFSET Function Syntax
OFFSET Function: Creating A Dynamic Named Range
INDIRECT Function To Build Dynamic Formulas
Dealing With INDIRECT Errors
The CELL Function And Determining File Or Sheet Names

Auditing And Troubleshooting Formulas
What Are Tracer Arrows
Adding And Removing Tracer Arrows
Auditing Tools: Error Checking And Tracing
Step-By-Step Formula Processing
Using The Watch Window In Troubleshooting

What Is A PivotTable?
The New Recommended PivotTable Route
Creating Your Own PivotTables
Changing The Formatting And Formulas In PivotTable Summaries
Creating Multiple PivotTables On The Same Dataset
Moving And Deleting PivotTables
Making Use Of The Report Filter Options
Sorting The PivotTable Columns
Refreshing A PivotTable
Drilling Down Behind The Pivot Numbers
Multiple Fields In Row, Column, Or Data Sections
Controlling Grand Totals And Subtotals
Dealing With Empty Cells And Other Additional Options
PivotTable Styles
Creating Your Own PivotTable Styles
Creating And Using Calculated Fields
Using The New Timeline Filter Option
Adding And Using The Data Slicer
Using Data From An SQL Server In A PivotTable
Managing The External Connection To SQL Server

Creating A PivotChart
Changing The Fields Used In A PivotChart
Formatting The PivotChart
Changing The PivotChart Type
Filtering A PivotChart
Hiding The PivotChart Buttons
Moving And Deleting PivotCharts

Goal Seek And Solver
What-If Analysis Using Goal Seek
Activating The Solver Add-In
Using Solver To Complete A What-If
Adding Constraints To Solver

What Is A Macro
Creating And Running Your First Macro
Saving Workbooks With Macros
Macro Security Settings For Workbooks With Macros
The Personal Macro Workbook
Deleting Macros
Use Of Relative Or Absolute Referencing
Trigger A Macro With A Keyboard Shortcut
Formatting With A Macro
Switch Scenarios And Views With Macros
Use Of Worksheet Buttons To Trigger Macros
Customizing Form Buttons And Other Shape Triggers
Assigning Macros To Ribbon Icons
Create Your Own Ribbon
View And Edit Macro Code
Add An Are You Sure Box To Macros

Summary And Credits
What Have I Learned
About The Excel Tutor
  • Tutor: Guy Vaccaro
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Video lessons: 234
  • Product code: 01756
  • In stock: YES
In this training bundle for Microsoft Excel 2013, you will learn how to take control of the most popular and most powerful spreadsheet software on the planet. Expert author Guy Vaccaro is your guide through this training course, and takes you from the absolute basics to a very advanced level of proficiency in Excel 2013.

Even if you have never used Microsoft Excel before, this video tutorial will show you the ins and outs of using the program. You start with the absolute basics in the Learning Excel 2013 tutorials. You will learn how to move around in Excel, how to enter numbers, text and formulas into cells, and how to perform basic calculations and formatting. In the Advanced Excel 2013 Training, you will cover more advanced features and formulas in Excel such as PivotTables and PivotCharts, Sparklines, IF statement control, Arrays, VLOOKUPs and much much more! Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Once you have completed these computer based training videos, you will be an expert in the use of Excel 2013, and will be able to quickly and easily create powerful spreadsheets and charts, making your data more accessible than ever before!
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