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CompTIA A+ Exam 220-801 & 220-802 Bundle Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
CompTIA A+ (Exam 220-801) Course
Duration: 8 Hours
Video lessons: 92

CompTIA A+ (Exam 220-802) Course
Duration: 7 hours
Video lessons: 85
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 15 hours of easy to follow CompTIA A+ Exam 220-801 & 220-802 Bundle video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample CompTIA A+ Exam 220-801 & 220-802 Bundle tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from CompTIA A+ 220-801 (2012 Objectives)
Memory And Storage
Ram Basics
Ram Types - Lesson 1
Ram Types - Lesson 2
Expansion Cards
Storage Devices
Optical Drives
Combo Drives And Burners
Flash Drives - Lesson 1
Flash Drives - Lesson 2
Hard Drive Basics
Connection Types
Understanding Raid
SCSI Drives

Connectors, Cables, And Pins
Connectors, Cables, And Pins
CPU Sockets - Lesson 1
CPU Sockets - Lesson 2
CPU Characteristics - Lesson 1
CPU Characteristics - Lesson 2
CPU Cooling
Display Connector Types
Device Connectors - Lesson 1
Device Connectors - Lesson 2

Network Cables And Connectors
Twisted Pair Cable
Coaxial Cable
Fiber Cable
Network Topologies
Bus Networks
Ring Networks
Star Networks
Mesh Networks
Hybrid Networks
Network Types

Wireless Networking
Wireless Basics
IEEE Standards - Lesson 1
IEEE Standards - Lesson 2
Wireless Encryption Types
Basic Security

TCP/IP Basics
The TCP/IP Address - Lesson 1
The TCP/IP Address - Lesson 2
Public, Private, And APIPA
Static And Dynamic Addressing
Understanding DHCP
TCP And UDP Ports
Common Protocols And Ports

Network Devices
Hubs And Switches
Network Tools

Portable Computing
Laptop Expansion
Laptop Displays
Docking Station Or Port Replicator

Printer Basics
Laser Printing Process - Lesson 1
Laser Printing Process - Lesson 2
Inkjet Printers
Thermal Printers
Impact Printers
Managing And Installing Printers

The Soft Side Of Computing
The Soft Side Of Computing
The Magic Of Communication
Controlling Distractions
Difficult Customers
Confidential Materials
Prohibited Content Handling

Course Wrap Up
Contents from CompTIA A+ 220-802 (2012 Objectives)
Windows Command Line Tools
OS Commands
Working With Directories - Lesson 1
Working With Directories - Lesson 2
Copying Files

Networking Command Line Tools

Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Device Manager
Local Security Policy
Performance Monitor
Windows Memory Diagnostics
Windows Firewall
Task Manager
Disk Management

Control Panel Utilities
Internet Options
Folder Options
User Accounts
Power Options

Configuring Windows Networking
Windows 7 Homegroups
Network Shares
Mapping Drives
Network Types
Alternative IP Addresses

Sharing Resources
NTFS Vs. Share Permissions
Propagation And Inheritance
Allow Vs. Deny
Moving Vs. Copying

Physical Security
Digital Security
User Education
Common Security Threats
Malware - Lesson 1
Malware - Lesson 2
Hard Drive Disposal
Securing A Wireless Network

Android Vs. iOS
Mobile Features
Laptops Vs. Tablet PCs

Basic Troubleshooting Theory
Common Hard Drive Symptoms
Hard Drive Troubleshooting Tools
Common Display Symptoms
Troubleshooting Network Issues
Network Troubleshooting Tools
Common OS Symptoms
OS Troubleshooting Tools
Common Printer Symptoms

Wrap Up
  • Tutor: Mark Long
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Video lessons: 179
  • Product code: 01944
  • In stock: YES
  • Available on: DVD & Download
  • Work files included: YES
  • Works on: MS Windows PC & Mac
  • Date Released: 16th June 2014
In this CompTIA A+ Exam training bundle, expert author Mark Long will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for, and pass the tests required for your CompTIA A+ certification. You must pass the A+ 220-801 exam and the A+ 220-802 exam to receive this certification, and this bundle teaches you what you need to know to pass those exams.

For the 220-801 exam Mark teaches you about PC hardware; motherboard basics, configuring a BIOS, expansion slot types, memory, storage, connectors, cables and more.
He also covers laptops, printer basics, and fundamental networking concepts.
In the 220-801 training video you will learn about the Windows operating systems, including installation and command line tools.
You will learn how to setup the Windows firewall, use the task manager, manage user accounts and configure networking.
Mark covers sharing resources, security, as well as Android, iOS and Bluetooth.
Finally you will learn troubleshooting techniques.

Once you have completed these two computer based training courses, you will have all the information you need to write the exams for the 220-801 and 220-802 exams, and achieve your A+ (20112 Objectives) certification.
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Training Multiple Users

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For companies and educational establishments wanting multi user access to training resources, we offer this CompTIA A+ Exam 220-801 & 220-802 Bundle course to do just that.
Now you can integrate training or technical support within your own computer network, or allow employees or students to gain access to training and support from home or any other location that they can gain access to your organizations network.

The courses can be played over a LAN using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
The movies are viewed using Adobe Flash (same method as YouTube) and are slightly compressed in order to not clog the network.
All advanced and the "for dummies" courses are available via this multi user solution and can be copied directly to a hard disk for faster access and the access page may be customized, if needed, using a html editor.

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