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Carrara 8 Beginner to Advanced Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
Beginners Carrara 8 Tutorial
Duration: 10.5 Hours
Video lessons: 118

Advanced Carrara 8 Tutorial
Duration: 9.75 hours
Video lessons: 105
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 20 hours of easy to follow Carrara 8 Beginner to Advanced video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Carrara 8 Beginner to Advanced tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from Beginners Carrara 8
Cameras, Lighting And Scene Effects
Adding A Camera
Pointing Cameras
Saving A Camera Position
Types Of Lighting - Lesson 1
Types Of Lighting - Lesson 2
Types Of Lights
Anything Glows
Light Effects
Global Illumination
God Rays and Sun Beams
Skies And Atmospheres
Black Eyes Syndrome
Indoor Indirect Lighting
New Lighting Option

Types Of Rendering
Render Options - Lesson 1
Render Options - Lesson 2
Render Size
Multipass Rendering
Batch Rendering
Depth of Field

Basic Primitives
Multi-leaf Objects
Edit Tree Shape
Fire, Fountains And Fog

Shader Channels
Shader Texture Types
Shader Layers
Terrain Shaders
Shaders For Daz & Poser Figures
Shaders For Indirect Lighting
Shadow Catchers
Using Normal Maps

Hair Basics
Hair Tools
Hair Shaders
Human Hair - Lesson 1
Human Hair - Lesson 2
Human Hair - Lesson 3
Strays For Added Realism In Hair

Grid Replicator - Lesson 1
Grid Replicator - Lesson 2
Surface Replicators
Cityscape Scene
Using Distribution Maps - Path Through A Forest

Types Of Animation
Keyframe Animation
Physics Animation
Figure Animation And Bones
Figure Animation - Extra
Non-Linear Animation
Converting An Existing Animation Into A Clip
Animating Shaders And Other Properties

Puppeteer Basics
Using Puppeteer For Character Animation
Optimizing Puppeteer

Bullet Physics & Soft Body
Bullet Physics Basics
Bullet Physics - Knocking Down Blocks
Physics Motion With Constraints
Soft Body And Cloth Basics
Soft Body Attach - Animating A Flag

Creating A Particle System
Editing A Particle System

3D Painting
3D Painting Basics
3D Paint Projects
Displacement Painting

Spline Modeler
Vertex Modeler
Booleans And Cuts
Surface Tools
Edge Tools
Metaball Modeling
Organic Modeling
Creating Your Own Morphs
Vertex Editing In A Posed Position

Postworking The Final Image
Levels And Fixing Artifacts
Liquify Filter

Putting It All Together To Create Great Images
Landscape Scene
Fantasy Scene
Modeling Spaceship
Animation Scene
About The Carrara Pro Tutor
Contents from the Advanced Carrara 8
Good Housekeeping In Carrara
Production Frame
Memory Management
Managing A Large Scene

UV Mapping
What Is UV Mapping
Approaches To UV Mapping
UV Mapping Tools
UV Map Unfolding

Modeling Furniture
Modeling A Morphing Cushion
Modeling The Chair Arm
Assembling The Chair
Modeling A Cupboard Unit
Modeling The Drawers And Doors
Assembling The Cupboard Unit
Setting Movement Constraints
UV Mapping And Texturing The Furniture
Complete Scene With The Furniture Set

Modeling A Vehicle - A WW1 Airplane
Preparing Templates
Setting Up Your Workspace With Templates
Accurate Modeling Of The Fuselage
Modeling The Wing
Finishing The Wing
Starting Detailing
Detailing The Cockpit
Fitting The Propeller
Setting Up ERC For Ailerons
Setting Up UV Mapping
Producing A Final Render Of The Bi-Plane

Advanced Shaders And Texturing
Layer Lists
Using Operators For Complex Shaders
Setting Up Glow Channel For Illuminated Windows
Local VsGlobal Shaders
Using Displacement For Rocks
Using Displacement For City Blocks

Model Texturing And Rigging
Preparing A Base Figure For Sculpting
Importing A Sculpted Character Model
Painting Bump And Mask Maps
Painting The Color Map
Creating The Skeleton
Attaching The Skeleton
Fine Tuning The Joints
Constraints And IK
Final Character Scene

Creating - Modeling Your Own Clothes
Painting Second Skin Tight-Fitting Clothes
Adding The Second Skin Clothes To A Figure
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 1
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 2
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 3
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 4
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 5
Adapting An Existing Item Of Clothing - Lesson 6
Modeling A Jacket For Dynamic Cloth
Carrara Soft Body Cloth - Lesson 1
Carrara Soft Body Cloth - Lesson 2
New Settings For Dynamic Cloth - Lesson 1
New Setting For Dynamic Cloth - Lesson 2
Using Poser To Drape Clothes
Re-Importing Draped Cloth Back Into Carrara
Modeling For A Conforming Top
Defining Groups Ready For Rigging
Scaling And Exporting The Clothes Model
Applying The Rigging In Daz Studio
Loading And Testing Your Conforming Clothes
A Couple Of Cool Things With Conforming Clothes

General Tips For Environmental Scenes
Cloud Domes
Creating Light Domes

Creating A Complete Rural Setting
Creating The Height Map For The Ground
Creating The Ground In Carrara
Starting To Building The Cottage
Completing The Main Cottage Structure
Adding Details To The Cottage
Modeling Realistic Grass
Creating A Custom Tree
Creating Distribution Maps
Texturing The Ground
Adding The Replicated Objects To Our Scene
Adding Walls And Trees To The Scene
Adding Water For The Stream
A Final Rural Scene Image

Creating An Urban Setting
Creating A Lo-Res City Block
Replicating City Blocks To Layout The City
Texturing And Adding Roads
Adding Street Lights And People
Cars And Other Final Details

Special Effects In Carrara
Creating A Smoke Trail With Particles
Trailing Hearts From A Walking Figure
Creating A Basic Walk Cycle
Refining The Walk Cycle
Turning The Walk Cycle Into A Reusable Clip
Creating Bends In A Mapped Road
Road Through A Landscape
Roads Through Terrains - A Second Example
Exploding A Balloon
Creating A Panorama With A Spherical Image
Making An Animation With A Panoramic Image
A Shaft Of Light
Using Carrara To Make Your Own HDRIs
Modeling Tinsel With Replicators
Using Terrain As An Ocean Surface
Animating Dynamic Hair With A Proxy Figure
Faster Lighting Of Dynamic Hair

Course Conclusion
Useful Carrara Resources
Tips For Product Distribution
About The Tutor
  • Tutor: Phil Wilkes
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Video lessons: 223
  • Product code: 01639
  • In stock: YES
  • Available on: DVD & Download
  • Work files included: YES
  • Works on: MS Windows PC & Mac
  • Later course available: Yes, Carrara 8.5 tutorial
In the beginners training course for Carrara 8, expert author Phil Wilkes introduces you to Carrara 8 - a powerful 3D modelling software from Daz3D. Starting with the absolute basics, you will first be introduced to the interface, and how you interact with Carrara. You will then learn how to create lighting effects, about primitives, creating hair and shaders, puppeteering, bullet physics and so much more. Extensive working files are included to allow you to work with the same media you are being taught with.

In the advanced Carrara Techniques video tutorial, you will take your Carrara 8 training to a whole new level. You will learn about UV mapping, movement, advanced shaders, texturing and more. Phil teaches you about the techniques of creating and modelling your own cloths, as well as creating large scenes, and how to render them. You will learn advanced working techniques to enable you to create realistic models with Carrara 8. Working files are included with the advanced techniques course.

By the conclusion of the Beginners Carrara 8 Training course, and the Advanced Carrara Techniques video tutorial, you will be fully versed in using Carrara 8 to is maximum potential, and capable of creating and rendering incredible 3D objects.
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