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Apple Keynote Tutorials

APPLE KEYNOTE 2013 TUTORIAL (version 6.0)
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Included in the Apple iWork 2013 course, join expert Mac trainer Sam McGuire as he provides detailed instruction on this widely used and rapidly evolving presentation software in these beginners Keynote 6 tutorials.

Spanning over eight hours of easy to follow training, Sam uses real world examples and workflow demonstrations to provide instruction on using the complete Keynote toolset, how to make use of the innovative new features for the 2013 / 6.0 release and to share some recommended workflow techniques that will help you to work faster and smarter.

The course starts with the basics of creating your spreadsheet, where the most commonly used tools are located and an overview of the new iCloud service. The purchased online and download options include the same workfiles as tutor Sam uses to help the user keep pace with with the on-screen instruction. Once the fundamentals have been covered, Sam explains how to incorporate media into your presentation, adding animations, tips for delivering your physical presentation and so much more...

You can start learning how to create your own professional presentation right away. Click the link below to sample the free Keynote 6 video tutorials available on this web site...
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Learn how to create cinema quality presentations using the latest presentation software for Mac OS X with these step-by-step Apple Keynote tutorials.

Contained in the Apple iWork production suite, Apple Keynote (version 4.0) allows users to effortlessly create impressive presentations that include special effects, video, voice-over's, animations and so much more. These Apple Keynote tutorials use narrated video training movies to help explain all the essential tools and features helping you to master Keynote in no time!

Throughout the Keynote training, its uses in the commercial environment are explained and numerous useful tips, tricks, techniques and best practices are divulged, which will really help you to leverage the potential power of Apple Keynote.

You can start learning right now, click the grey link below to view the FREE Keynote tutorial videos that are available on this web site and discover how effective this visual teaching method is...
Older Apple Keynote Courses
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Bring your ideas to life and present them in the most professional manner with the help of these beginners Apple Keynote tutorials. Using high quality video training movies, expert tutor Brian Culp, shows you how to maximize the potential of this most popular application by demonstrating all the tools and features of Keynote 2 in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. As well as the fundamentals, users will also learn how to create impressive photography portfolios, interactive slideshows, animated storyboards and many more advanced yet exciting techniques. You'll also discover how Keynote 2.0 interacts with the other iWork application, Apple Pages. You can evaluate this unique training method right now, simply click the grey link below for FREE sample Keynote 2 training movies and find out how this visual tutoring can work for you...
More on this Beginners Keynote 2 Tutorial

These beginner to advanced Apple Keynote video tutorials assume you've never previously used the respective Apple Keynote application, and takes you step-by-step through the key concepts in an enjoyable, and easy -to-follow manner. Each trainer guides you through each tool and shows you the correct way to use it thus improving user workflow. Typical Apple Keynote tuition includes how to create a presentation, adding a slide, how to add text to a slide, adding sounds and movies to your slides, adding a charts, exporting a slideshow, best practices for delivery, using alignment slides and much much more...

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